Website Redesign

Heather Feigin, LCSW reached out to me for a website redesign. While it had suited her needs when it was built, the design was a bit dated, and she needed some new functionality to let her practice run more smoothly.

Using images of her office, as well as some stock photos, her new design features parallax scrolling. The blue tones were muted from the original design, and I added a complementary golden yellow. I tidied up the secondary pages and gave her blog a new look. Then I added a clear and repeated Call to Action so that her potential clients know what to do.

She had been using an embedded Google Form to collect patient data, and while the styling was limited, she wanted to keep her information on the same spreadsheet. To clean up the look, I created a form using Ninja Forms and a Zapier extension so that when a visitor fills out a form, it automatically populates on her preferred spreadsheet. Easy peasy!

Before and After